The Drive

My dad accompanied me on the drive up to my new school. I immediately regret him coming along. The day I moved into my new home, my dad decided to have a night out on the town. Except, the night started at about 2 in the afternoon and didn’t end until 3am the next day.

He constantly called me from each bar he was at to cuss at me and put me down. He told me I was a disgrace to my family. He told me I am a failure. He told me he hopes I get hurt while I’m here. He told me that I am no longer apart of the family and to never contact them again.

There were many more things he said but I tried to ignore them. He kept calling me to pick him up and bring him to his hotel and I complied because I didn’t want my dad getting arrested in a town that neither one of us knows anything about. Those car rides were unbearable. He repeated everything he told me on the phone to my face. He hit every part of my car imaginable so hard that I thought he was going to set off the air bags on the next punch. I was actually waiting for him to hit me while I was driving. Yes. That is how bad it was.

Not only am I in a new city starting a new life in order to finish my education, but I am also alone. I am told it is my own fault for not being a part of my family.

My first day in my new home was a hard pill to swallow.


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