Week 1

News Values

  1. Cute/Novelty/Unique
  • cute kids
  1. Tragedy
  • 9/11
  • Kayla Mueller- American raped by ISIS leader while overseas then murdered
  1. Scandalous Revelations/ The Disgraced
  • Sandusky with Bob Costas- Penn State rapes
  • Josh Duggar- Ashley Madison- abused younger sisters
  1. Novelty/ Celeb/ Relevance
  • man believed woman was 17 but she was not- woman wrote him letter in jail saying she was sorry she lied.
  • Bruce Jenner- coming out as a woman/car crash manslaughter case
  1. Heroic act
  • Americans saving people in France train
  • Local Hero-Tyler Morris- afghanistan soldier- all limbs blown off after stepping on IED- overcoming adversity
  1. Timeliness
  • Jimmy Carter- brain tumor- brain tumor is terminal
  1. Relevance
  • Obama in Cedar Falls, IA
  1. Live Reports
  • unexpected fight/scuffle/unpredictable/ cant edit since it is live
  1. Court Decisions
  • impacts lives
  • supreme court recognizes same sex marriage-show people for & against
  1. Weird Deeds
  • police department videos
  • surveillance videos/security cameras (McDonalds Hamburglar busted)
  1. Good Deeds
  • pokey pete (cedar falls local)- sent $370,000 to charities that catered to children- WWII veteran-lives in poverty

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