NASA….We Have a Problem

My housing situation is a little different than most in college.

You see, I live in a suite. No, not a million dollar suite like in New York lol but basically an 8 bedroom apartment which consists of 4 bedrooms on each side of the suite and a common living area. The common area shares 2 refrigerators, 2 stoves/ovens, and 1 sink. Most of us agreed to share things once we all started moving in and things seemed to be going along pretty smoothly for the most part.

Then, the 2 newcomers moved in. They tried to dictate who could use the refrigerators as well as how much room each person is personally designated. All while their family members stuffed multiple shelves of food in each fridge for their child.    -_____-

Stop. Just……stop. Stop it.

This is just ridiculous. Luckily for them, I wasn’t home when this conversation happened, otherwise they would’ve been pretty ashamed at what they said. I actually think those 2 are afraid of me because they never really speak to me other than saying “hi” here and there. Oh well, leave my side of the kitchen alone ladies.


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