News Values

1) Craig Sager, one of the most prominent and well respected sports reporters in the industry, announced that he had leukemia early 2014. The entire NBA world was filled with a heavy heart at that announcement. After a few months of treatment, things seemed to be getting better for Sager. However, earlier this year, his son announced that the leukemia is back and once again the TNT and NBA community came together to support Sager as he endures the cancer treatments.

2) Stuart Scott, beloved ESPN anchor, colleague, and father passed away January 4, 2015 at the age of 49 from cancer. Not only did he change ESPN the 20 years that he worked there, but he changed how people looked at their favorite teams on television. He changed sports journalism in a way only he could accomplish. Stuart Scott made people that didn’t even know him feel like they were best friends when watching him on tv. Scott had everyone from athletes to President Obama grieving for him and his family.

3) Beloved Spock aka Leonard Nimoy passed away February 13, 2015 at the age of 83 from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nimoy was an idol to many people from multiple generations. He was a major part of the groundbreaking Star Trek series and movies. He appeared in the new edition of Star Trek films as well. Nimoy not only was a part of a diversity filled philosophical television show, he was a role model to all those that felt as if they were too different to fit in in society. Nimoy will forever be in everyone’s hearts. Live long and prosper.
Heroic Act:
1) A math teacher saves her 38 students from a bus that caught on fire earlier this year. Kristina Buhrman, was filling in for a middle school bus driver when a student approached her and said that there was smoke coming from under one of the seats. Buhrman immediately pulled the bus over and safely ushered all the students off the bus. The entire bus was engulfed in flames shortly after everyone was safely off.

2) Medical student saves a life during practice exam. Ryan Jones was diagnosing an actor’s symptoms during a practice exam in which medical students evaluate and then diagnose the actor pretending to have specific symptoms. However, the actor, Jim Malloy was actually suffering. Malloy was having an abdominal aortic aneurysm during the exam and Jones was the one that figured it out. A supervising doctor confirmed Jones’ diagnosis. Luckily, Jones figured out that Malloy was in fact not faking and saved his life.

3) 9-year-old saves his fathers life. Bode Bierdneau saved his father’s, J.T. Bierdneau, life when his fathers leg had gotten stuck under a snowmobile. With no cell phone service at their location, Bode decided to ride his snowmobile alone for miles in order to find someone with an emergency radio. His bravery saved his fathers life.
1) Amanda Bynes was, at one point, everyones favorite Nickelodeon star. However, somewhere along the line she just kind of went crazy. A long list of events are swirling around the internet thats full of the craziness that is Amanda Bynes. She was arrested for a DUI, followed by her car being impounded then locking herself inside of a dressing room for 2 hours. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. Her twitter accounts were constantly watched to see what the next weird thing would come out of her 140 characters.

2) Oh Charlie Sheen, who could ever forget his infamous tiger blood stint. Sheen has always been in and out of the news for his different occurrences in court and multiple stories about briefcases full of drugs, but in 2011, Sheen was infamous for his random radio rants. He did an interview with 20/20 where he said he was “winning”, had tiger blood and some other nonsensical words that left viewers more confused.

3) The sex tape heard around the world. Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest and most known celebrities to date but she didn’t get her infamous status through hard work. Kardashian and then boyfriend Ray J had made a sex tape that got released to the public. Ever since the video was released, Kardashian was made into a superstar and is now worth millions.




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