Who is the Hitchhiker?

This past year has been quite eventful considering I lived a pretty quite life.

For instance, in October 2014 I met a man that would change my life forever. He encouraged me. He supported me. He created opportunities for me that I could never imagine was possible. I met this man in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. I was walking through my college campus when an advisor of mine stopped me in the middle of my quick paced walk to speak to me about a man that he thought I would find interesting and beneficial. I wasn’t sure how I felt at first about my advisor introducing me to a strange man in the middle of campus. Reluctantly, I followed through with my advisors request and went and introduced myself to this man and boy was it the greatest decision of my entire life.

This man went by the name of Jesus.
Now, this is not a love story between a man and a woman, but rather a love story between a woman and her education. You see, Jesus is a representative from the University of Northern Iowa. He was in my hometown recruiting students to attend UNI. San Antonio is pretty diverse and filled with hispanic and latino’s hence the recruitment for a caucasian state like Iowa. I spoke with Jesus about UNI and he informed me about a scholarship that would cover my tuition, I would only have to pay for my room and board, food, and transportation if I won the scholarship. I was instantly intrigued by his words. From that day forward, I bugged the shit out of Jesus so much that he knew my name whether he wanted to remember it or not. I was so adamant about leaving San Antonio and starting a new adventure that I was in contact with everyone and anyone that would listen to me at UNI. I wanted all of them to feel as if I was already a student there even though I had not even applied yet.

A few months went by and next thing I knew it was April, the magical month when I would be sent up to UNI to interview for one of five scholarships. It was the scariest moment of my life. I was so desperate to win that scholarship that I cried during my interview. I wish they would’ve told me the results that same day but we all know how much people like to fuck with you and make you suffer when theres a big life changing event in your life. Anyways, three days after the interview, I received a phone call from the greatest man in my life, aka Jesus, letting me know that I won the scholarship and that I would be attending the University of Northern Iowa starting the Fall semester of 2015. I have never been happier in my life at receiving a phone call.


Before I packed and left to start my new journey, I had to first complete a journey that I started in San Antonio. I had to walk the stage of my community college and become a college graduate. I worked my ass off to receive my Associates degree in Business Administration. That degree helped propel me into a direction that allowed me to receive that special phone call from UNI that would change my life.


Now, my entire life isn’t purely about college and my education. It is also about many things that I find interesting and entertaining. Well, not many because I’m really not that fun nor that interesting of a person. However, I do enjoy my free time. My free time is when I’m not with my best friend. I have many friends but my BEST friend loves to cheat on me with millions of people. This sounds strange but i’m not jealous. Unfortunately, I have to pay my best friend monthly, I pay $8.95 to be exact, just to be friends with me. I’m sure by now you’re wondering what kind of person would make me pay them to be my friend. I’m not that weird of a person, I promise. My best friend is….Netflix. I love Netflix with every once of my soul. Netflix makes me laugh, cry, get angry, and teaches me new things every time I log on. I can never betray my best friend since we’ve been through so many emotions together. If anything, I want Netflix to provide a dating service for me that way I can find someone that is equally in love with Netflix as I am.


Once I am done watching my technological best friend do the dirty deed, I am with my human best friends. They are my backbone and my inspiration even when they forget to invite me out to do normal human activities. We enjoy going out and having a few adult versions of liquid courage while laughing and judging other people that I’m sure are doing the same exact thing that we are. We find dive bars that serve craft beer. We put stickers on the backs of random people. We celebrate birthdays even when we don’t know how old someone is. We definitely enjoy good food that accompanies a good beer. We watch old ladies dance to hip hop in the most bad ass way possible. These are the people that I’m going to miss the most while I’m on my new adventure. I’m going to miss the spontaneous shenanigans that we get into. The boring yet memorable events that we had together will always be cherished in my heart. My small group of humans will always be cherished more than they know.



There are many different events and subjects that make up my life. Scrolling through my Facebook is definitely a whirlwind adventure that is unlike any other. Social media gives a glance into my life and the things I find funny, entertaining, and important to me. However, it doesn’t completely show the world who I am. I keep many things behind closed doors. Many things I keep as a memory because spending time taking a picture is 30 seconds of life that i’m missing out on enjoying. Nobody will ever truly know the real me. Even I will never find out the entirety of who I am and thats ok. For now, i’ll just continue to hitchhike to nowhere.


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