New Stars in the Galaxy

My first week in that program the school made me do, I noticed a guy.

Now, I had no intentions to meet a guy while in college. In fact, I was trying to avoid it at all costs because i’m focused on receiving my degree and starting my career. Something about this man though….I saw him and instantly felt something. I don’t know what that something was but I know it was some sort of connection. I wasn’t sure if he would even talk to me though. He stayed pretty distant the first day.

Luckily, I was able to use my ninja skills and start talking about sports and music with him. That definitely opened him up to talk more. The next few days we spent more time together laughing at things other people in the group didn’t notice. A good friendship was forming.

I invited him over to my place once the week of activities were over. Not for sex you dirty minded people. Just to hang out and keep each other company. We talked and laughed and went to get dinner.

I’m bringing all of this up now because even though I started becoming attracted to him. I wasn’t sure how he felt about me. Sure we text each other every day but did he only like me as a friend or more than that? Well, last night we had a mini party at my place. I invited him and he came. The liquid courage definitely brought out the topic. Not so much as to we established exact feelings but enough information came out to where I now know where we stand.

He admitted he was attracted to me but that he values my friendship and is worried about ruining that since we were both basically each others first friends at this school. When he told me that, I swear my feelings because stronger for him. He’s so intelligent and kind. He’s chivalrous and a gentleman. Oh did I mention he’s an athlete as well?! haha

I’m not getting my hopes up or anything. I still have my goals to complete and that will always be priority. But for now, this friendship is very special to me and i’m glad that he came into my life.

He’s the brightest star in my galaxy right now.


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