Week 2: Dying to Tell the Story

**PIck another movie as well as this one and thematically think about





If your pictures aren’t close enough, you aren’t good enough


A photographer in battle zones needs to be a comrade, a

ABEcuase its so intimate its really dangerous

Somehow when you look through the camera you feel closer to the person in the photograph

–different images/recordings of police brutality, war in africa, bombings, military, radicalists. starving children

In the past 10 years a journalist has been killed one a year

risked his life in somalia–Dan


Dan grew up in Kenya.

Dan Eldon was chased by a buffalo and said he never felt more alive. (sister believes thats what started his career in war photography.

Left behind 17 journals of professional war photographer.

Sister talks to Carlos Mavroleon and Des Wright? about her brother since they worked with him/knew him and are war photographers as well

It was his first war (somalia)

“the hatred was just startling”- Dans Friend Des?

“I don’t think somalia is ever going to be safe”-Carlos?

“If you’re not ready on the spot, then you’re going to miss it. You don’t get a second chance at reality”

“Safety is my #1 priority”

“You cannot describe what it was like. Its just not possible”

“I think he was using his camera as protection….when he got the film back, he was sickened at what he couldn’t see”-sister

“It keeps you at a distance. It isolates you from the reality of the situation”-Des

“I left with a wad of cash in my hand and an airplane ticket in the other…..and I had a smile on my face”

“Sometimes you achieve a result and sometimes you don’t. And its very heartbreaking when you don’t”

Dan in somalia in 1993

He had no formal training in photography or what he called “how not to get your head blown off”

Martin Bell- famous war reporter…now sitting in parliament….BBC

Bell-“Ive never enjoyed being shot at. Ive never enjoyed being in danger”

Bell-his 11th war–he was shot by a machine gun in the stomach–had a UN ambulance tank immediately take him away from war zone

“I use wide angled lenses…the closer you get to the  action, the better”-Dan

“Front seat of history. Thats why you’re there”–Bell

IF people find your weakness, then they’ll toy with you like a..”–Dan

Christiane Amanpour–CNN

CA–“I think Im proud mostly of what I did in Bosnia”

CA–We did what we are mandated to do, we told a story

CA–We have to understand the principles of our profession…..giving all sides of equal hearing…it does not mean treating all sides the same.

CA–May 3, 1994 talks to president clinton…helped launch her career even more..historic moment…questions his “constant flip-flop” about Bosnia…stayed a true reporter…many believe she was rude to the president

CA– “you are inevitably touched by what you see” “put that energy of horror into what you see”

“Before somalia I’ve only seen 2 dead bodies in my life, now I’ve seen 100’s”–Dan

“Like so many photographers Dan couldn’t forget the images he caught on film”–Dans Sister

Don McCullin–photographer

DM–I got so close that when people look at my photographer they feel there

DM–“I carried this soldier when I took this photograph…he was hit by a sniper”

DM–“a soldier craweled up to me…told me ‘if you want a good picture, theres a soldier back there that just got hit in the head”..he shook his head side to side asking DM not to take his photo of his death

DM–“theres no way you can hide behind the camera because you’re looking through it…there was no escape, there was no hiding”

DM–“I didn’t kill these people. I didn’t create these political….

DM–“I was really a broken man”

DM–went to Beruit and there was an explosion..woman came around the corner in a rage and stared right at him taking a photo and she started hitting him….later that night he heard that she had been killed…he booked a flight right then and went back home….end of going to war

DM–“I don’t feel that my work is in an art category”

Dan–Saw an 11 year old girl with her hands anffeet blown off

David Guttenfield?

DG–found Dans Journals/photos in Cedar Falls, IA

Dan–“I don’t know how these experiences have changed me, but I feel different”

Jacquliene Artz

J–“I didn’t know half the time if i was photographing someone that was alive or dead”–Ghana

J–“Why were these people even born to die this way?”

J–“I still think this job is about public service..its not job of privilege”

J–“I didn’t say I lived with hope” (slight giggling)

J–“I hope people recognize that its something thats inside them”–check quote

Peter Magubane–height of apartheid in africa–served 2 years in prison for one photograph

PM–586 days in prison

PM–“you were tortured–my torture brought 3 bricks…these bricks measured the height

PM–a struggle without documentation is no struggle

PM–some of us have to use our cameras, some of us have to use our pens to bring down our system

PM–the power of the camera is great

PM–In africa, you see someone dead, whether you know them or not, you cover them

PM–June 16th 1976–school children–15 year old Hector Pieterson

PM–son was 33 when he died—body was hacked–his son did the same work as PM–

PM–I was liberating myself therefore i was prepared to die for my country

Corinne Dufka

CD–took picture of damaged car right after it went over a landline–she was in the car

CD–Never photograph a retreating army…always remember that no picture is worth your life…never trust an 11 year old with an AK47

Mohammed Shaffi


That was the day that Dan was going to leave….his replacement was there—-americans fired/bombed close range at the houses—didnt want to miss a big story on his last day

MS–shot one video of dead person in truck–then shot another one in another truck–Dan told him “lets get out of here” then they all started running—MS attacked by mob–Reuters truck was too far away to catch up to because they already started driving away–MS was severely shot and beaten…he’s the only survivor of the incident

Dan and other journalist were stoned to death on July 12th 1993


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