Week 2: Live Interview with Megan Terlecky

Live interview with Megan Terlecky

Woke up to news alerts on her phone.

thought it was In reference to the news crew in San Francisco. As a reporter “do I turn on the tv or get ready for work.” Did not want to see what happened since “it could’ve been me. It could just as easily been me.” Very personal story, very unusual situation to be in…story became about reporters/anchors. “When you’re doing a live shot, you’re very vulnerable and I could see that happening to me.” “Those are images I thought very early on that I did not want to see in my head.”

It was hard driving to work…situation resonates with you.

Why did you become a journalist “I wanted to do sports reporter.” “I have a voice, I can make a difference. Being a journalist is a very powerful thing

Do you think that if you saw this story before you became a reporter that it would change your mind. “I don’t think so but I think people need to be open minded when they come into this business. Its a hard business. You don’t get paid well, you work long hours, you work holidays. but you get great experience.

Were you nervous to go to work “I was. I wasn’t worried about my safety but its one of those things that just happened and you need a little time to process it but

What were some of the comments/reactions some of your coworkers had? “some people were crying, our morning reporter, it hit her the hardest because it was a very similar thing. Everyone kind of reacted in their own way but everyone kept doing what they do. Thats one thing about this business, you have a job to do.”

Was it harder that he was one of us? “Honestly, i kind of felt a little bit of relief that it wasn’t a random person. If it was a random person then it could be happening other places right away.”

Do yo think this might change the norm of how close people should be during a live shot? “One thing is for sure, it changed the experience. How its going to happen, I don’t know. When you do a live shot theres only 2 people out there/ Sometimes its just the reporter and the camera. Larger cities sometimes have barriers……but its hard because you can’t look behind you when you’re looking at the camera talking.”

Works in Palm Springs California anchor/reporter for over 10 years……Bio below



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