A Distant Star

After being attracted to a guy that I thought was perfect, I realized he wasn’t. As stated before in my other post (The Star That Lost Its Brightness) he started becoming strange.

As the days go on, he’s becoming more and more strange.

I held a potluck at my place which many people were invited too, as was the guy because I invited him before I found out he had issues. However, I figured he wasn’t going to show up on the day the potluck was being held since I haven’t really been responding to his text messages or phone calls. Even that day I didn’t respond to his phone calls. Once the night was dwindling down, there was a knock on my door. My friend looked through the peephole and guess who was on the other side of the door?! Yup. It was him. He was there and could hear the music playing and the laughter. I couldn’t really ignore him since he could hear us. So, i told my friend to let him in. I didn’t even say hi to him.

Things became super awkward in the room since everyone knew the situation. He evidently didn’t catch on.

I didn’t even talk to him while he was sitting in the apartment. I hardly even looked at him. Yet he still didn’t catch on.

I finally asked him how he even go into the building since you need a key to get in. He simply told me that he knows other people that live in the building and they let him in.

The night finally came to an end and I walked everyone outside…including him. I didn’t give him a hug bye or walk him to his car. I simply said “Bye”.

Later that night, once I was settling in for bed, one last text message appears on my phone.

“Goodnight babe”

I then immediately got up and locked all the doors in the house. No way was I going to start dealing with a psycho.

As the days went by, I received text messages from him to which I would ignore. Sometimes I would answer with one word answers or I would tell him I was busy. I just wanted him to back off.

All of this seems to be making him more intrigued instead.

Pretty soon I just have to break it to him that I don’t even want to be friends with him anymore. Hopefully he gets the hint then and becomes distant.


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