Week 4

Today we were at the Greenwood Cemetery

1912 greenwood…Egyptian revival style completed in 1913 for 30k…inside is marble with bronze trim…no wood inside in order to make it last longer…stained glass…late 1980s was the last person to be put in there…in the 70s they were looking for the owner in order to pay for renovations…if it is torn down then the bodies will be placed in the ground

Martin Holst-started newspaper when he moved to cedar falls—first video—they came because it was like Denmark

“People who live in Denmark who come say “yes it’s true Denmark looks a lot like Iowa”

Curtain exhibit in historic site
Anybody who ends in EN is a Danish family

Family cemeteries that expanded out…families picked their land and then went from there

“At least 3 cemeteries were joined together to make greenwood”

Gravestones that are flat on ground rather than sticking up Style of cemetery ..movement because people liked the idea of grassy park rather than gravestones sticking out

Andrew Mullarky–both married the same woman…Andrew first then his brother–maybe his brother

White bronze aka pure zinc is used because it lasts longer

Different symbols on graves
Wreaths are victory over death from the Greeks
Books are mostly bibles
Lambs mean innocence/youth/pureness

Hugh G Smith
Ran and operated the ice house

Before 1830 Cemetery use to be behind a church and behind a fence but then they started getting crowded so after 1830 there was a more peaceful park like environment so there would be enough space for families to be buried and for people to find solace in a peaceful quiet pretty place.
Then move to straight rows and way for people to move around and then people started having their graves flat and embedded because they thought it would be easier to mow and take care of.

Germans and Irish population as well as the Danish


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