Week 4

Police community service officer

Lisa diercks

Go to UNI as criminology and compiter science double major

Non emergency dispatch
Locked keys

Briefing reports
People want extra attention on homes for going to vacation

Plates run, drivers license ran

Been here about a year

Most ridiculous request call
“Someone wanted an officer to their house because someone was whistling too loud and they wanted to enjoy nature”

Most hard one
Suicide are the hard ones…more than you would expect…about 10 in the 24 hours a week over the last year she’s worked here…everyone gets dispatched to the area because they want to stop it even if they’re on another call…she can’t do much but she gets any information they need…most of them are stopped or the family was just concerned with the ones she’s been through

“I interned at the FBI last summer and that was really really cool”
“we got to go out with the the evidence response team”

Officer S.D. McNamara
Went to UNI
criminology major
Radio/microphone to record/car mic/taser, gun,ammo,pepperspray/couple of handcuffs/ carry about 30/40 pounds of equipment
Joined in early 2013
Did 4 years in marine core before attending UNI…he’s 27
Originally from a small town outside of Ames…story city


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