Meeting of the Minds

Challengers displeased, want change for the city.

Office challengers and incumbents met Monday, Oct. 12, 2015, in the Ivan “Ike” Ackerman City Council Chambers for the Meeting of the Minds hosted by the Waverly newspaper.

The big topic of the night was overspending. Many of the challengers up for positions were upset at the amount of spending the current officials are doing.

Ward 4 candidate Ed White was especially vocal on his displeasure with the cities overspending and rising taxes. “We’ve got a spending problem and he [Infelt] doesn’t want to address that. That’s why i’m down here”.

White continues “Our problem is too much spending, ridiculous spending”.

White is going for the open ward 4 seat against Adam Hoffman and Mike Sherer.

Hoffman “If you reach out to me and you’re in ward 2 or 3 i’m going to listen to you and that’s what needs to happen”.

Sherer “We can talk about spending, we can talk about investment. I’d rather talk about investment for the city of Waverly.

Before the discussion, I met outside with Gerald Kappler and when asked what he was pushing “Well i’m pushing lower taxes, like just about 90% of everyone that are trying to get elected.”

Kappler is the challenger for the at-large seat going against incumbent Edith Waldstein.

Waldstein stated that “I owe it to the city and citizens to give back what I can” when asked why she was running for the at large seat.

In response to “What would you do differently to unite people”, Duane Liddle said, “In some cases you wont unite people because you will have different viewpoints depending on what on what the citizens of Waverly want.”
“I’m not a person who will sit back and wait for a citizen to come to me when I know that somethings going to effect a particular person I go up to that person and I solicit their comments on their grounds at their time because that’s when you get honest responses.”

Liddle is the challenger for Mayor going against current mayor Chuck Infelt.

Bob Brunkhorst, former Waverly Mayor, said of his philosophy of city government, “We gotta be accountable to the voters, so making sure that all of our actions and reach out and talk to the voters”

Brunkhorst is running for Ward 2 against incumbent Dan McKenzie.

McKenzie’s philosophy, “There are a lot of core services that need to be delivered to a community…I think the council has to put policies in place, put the funding in place to make sure those things happen”.

And on the hot topic of the night, taxes, he stated,”One of the best ways to keep taxes down is to grow the community. If we don’t grow the tax base, if we don’t draw individuals into the community whether it be business or resident, pretty soon we have to pass on those fixed costs to a smaller and smaller group.”

The forum is available online for viewers.

Voting is November 3rd.



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