Week 10- State of Iowa Court Findings

Today, we used the state of Iowa court search to see how many tickets we have. Since I am not from here, I used my professors names to see if they had any tickets and what not. I found that one of my professors has 8 citations on file for the state of Iowa. I couldn’t believe how many she had considering the type of teacher she is. 7 of her citations are for traffic tickets. One of her cases, she is a Plaintiff and it is against an employee of the University.

One of my other professors has 2 cases that come up. He was a former Lieutenant in the military. I was surprised once again that he even had anything on his record. Both of his are for traffic violations.

It also turns out that one of my other professors has 2 traffic tickets and had also went through a divorce in 1997/1998. They filed for divorce in November of 1997 and it was complete in 1998. They had a moment during the court hearings where they had to request for their children to get involved. I have noticed that he is currently married so im sure he has remarried since the divorce.

We also looked up addresses on black hawk county mapping to see the history of the address of where we live. Since I live on campus, I used the address of the apartment building I live in. No information comes up for the address and I am assuming it is because it is a school address. I am not entirely too sure though. I do not know any of my friends addresses so I looked up popular street names in town and looked at the different properties that would come up. There is a lot of information that is available on this site. They even give the amount of the deed. I used to work in Real Estate and the website gives every detail of information that we as home builders would provide to the city in order to apply for the building & construction permit. Its nice to see where the information I was sending out finally ends up.

Notes on Farmer Testimony video:

A young man at UNI went to a party, he had a drink and went to his truck with a girl who was also drinking and they proceeded to have sexual relations in his truck. The girl went home and talked to her friends and said that she had been raped.

Grew up on a farm…graduated from Charles city high school. Attend UNI after. Studying elementary education. Sophmore when he changed from Business Management. Grades increased once in elementary education classes. Job Shadowed his former 5th grade teacher. “Nobody teaches for the money. You teach because you love it”.

December 2011 was UNI grad date. After student teaching, everything needs to be signed off and send to the Iowa board of examiners. If you qualify then they print your license and then you become a certified teacher. He received his license in December 2011.

Party was October 2011. He had just finished his student teaching earlier that month. He knew of the girl was because she had added him on FB but he did not know her. He invited her to the party because he wanted to go with friends that he knew. She responded that she wanted to go but didnt know if she could. He asked if she needed ride and she said no. He arrived at the party around 10/1030. Was not drinking before the party. Drinking beer at the party. (He has a nervous look in his eyes). Believes there were 60/70 people at the party. The girl arrived about 30 minutes after he did. She was there with a group of friends. Did not speak to her right away. She walked up to him and saying hi after saying hi to multiple people beforehand. Their convo lasted about 1 minute. Talked to her again about 1115/1130…she texted him asking where he was..he responded with outside. He got his beer from his own truck. He would carry a few in his pocket. She found him outside and asked if he had any beer…he gave her own from his pocket. She left with the beet and came back again around 10/15 minutes later. She asked for another beer and he said he didnt have any….said he had some in the car if she wanted another one…she walked with him to go get the beer….she had stumbled so he held her arm while they were walking….they stopped before they reached the car (he asks the judge permission for a second time to leave from the stand to show on the picture where they were walking from and to)….she said “hold on just a second” he thought she wanted to walk by herself but then she grabbed his arm and started to kiss him…she put her hand down his pants…she was touching him and rubbing him…they stopped because they both wanted a beer….then they went to the car….they were still arm in arm…she asked where the beer was and he told her it was in the backseat…she took her shoes off then got in the car to get the beer….he reached in behind her and grabbed a beer as well….they laughed and then started kissing again for about 5 minutes it was an intense makeout session….she was on top of him in the backseat and took her clothes off…she took all of her clothes off….she was sitting on him naked riding him while she was naked and so then they had sex….he lowered his pants & underwear down to his knees….she never told him to stop…he never held her arms back…he never held his hand over his mouth….she was moaning and enjoying it…..he did not ejaculate…he said he suffered from whisky dick (going from erection to no erection very quickly)….did not use trojan condoms that were in his glovebox..wasnt aware of having the condoms….once his dick went limp she grabbed her belongings and left the car on her own will…she took her beer when she left the car and he took a beer as well….she put her clothes on in the car and left through the drivers side back door….he exited through the passengers door….he went back to the party…he felt tired and embarrassed and told his friends that he wanted to leave….he thought that she was going to go around the party and make fun of him….they couldnt leave right away because he had a flat tire so him and his friend had to fill the tire with air (asks permission to leave stand to show jury where she was walking while they were filling up tire)….no conversation after sex…he went home…..the following morning he received a text message from Amber “you raped that chick??” he called amber and said “what do you mean by that?”..he told amber that they had consensual sex and that it was her idea….he then called a lawyer his mother works for….was not charged right away….knew something was going on around November because he was approached by deputies for swab and they searched his car…he didnt know about the charges until May 2012…..he got on twitter and made a fake account of the “victim” and repeated the tweets from her real twitter page…he would mention the case as well….he would tweet “she couldnt wait to see me in jail” “she had made the charges up”….Direct quotes “at the time i was scared, depressed…i thought my life was over with these charges..I wasnt sure if i was ever going to be able to teach” “I had 2 job offers while this was going on”…..(still nervous/concerned look on his face)…….did you sexually abuse victim (looks like he’s about to cry)..proceeds to cry once his examination was over

he was found Not Guilty on the sexual allegations but he pleas guilty to creating a fake twitter account for posing as the vicitm

violated code 709.4

victim was 16 he was 23

Jodi Arias on 48 hours mystery 

Charged with murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander…..she would call the media to her jail for the spotlight…..


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