Waverly Election 2015; Incumbents are the Winners

Yesterday the polls closed at 8pm in Waverly, Iowa where city elections were being held. It was an incumbent celebration last night as 3 out of the 4 contested seats that were up for election were won by the incumbent.

Mayor Charles Infelt won with a landslide 72% of votes. His challenger was  Duane Liddle who got a mere 28% of the total votes. At the court house while the votes were being ousted, reporter Anelia Dimitrova asked the mayor, “You’re not a little bit nervous?” Mayor Infelt replied “I’m not” in a modest tone.

For Ward 2 incumbent Daniel McKenzie held onto a tight race with 57% of the votes going against Bob Brunkhurst. Ward 2 was the closest race of the night.

The At-Large winner was incumbent Edith Waldstein with 61% of the winning votes. Also running for the At-Large seat was Gerald Kapler.

Waverly has a new city council representative in Ward 4 with Mike Sherer who won with 60% of the votes.
“Are you excited?” Dimitrova asked Sherer.
“I’m a little terrified. Ive never been in city government before. I’ll have to learn to behave myself.” Sherer replied jokingly.

Adam Hoffman and Ed White were both going for the seat in Ward 4 against Mike Sherer.
When asked during the polls, “Do you feel you’ve done everything you could possible have done?” Hoffman said, “…theres always one more door to knock on, theres always one more phone call to make” Unfortunately, that was the case for Hoffman who received 25% of the vote while Ed White received 15% of the total votes.

Hoffman, Sherer, and Mayor Infelt were all at the court house awaiting the results of the election. Each of them seemed cool and collected yet still had a touch of nervousness. As Dimitrova says in her video, “the ritual of the court house remains”. You can see 8-10 people standing in the hallway of the court house waiting for the results of that days election. Each waiting to see if the citizens voted them as the best candidate for the job.

Voters must feel that their city is going in the right direction since they voted in all the incumbents. All seats had a good race and all candidates held a good open forum earlier this year for the citizens of Waverly to hear what each candidate will do for the community while in office.  Even though some candidates lost their race, they still want to be involved in the community. The people of Waverly participated fully in voting for their city council and in the words of mayor Infelt, “Im hoping that everybody stays involved. Everybody contributes to the goodness of Waverly and so Im very very happy for our town.”


Photo by Anelia K. Dimitrova; Students from Anelia Dimitrova’s class outside of a polling location in Waverly, Ia.




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