Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA

Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA (Frontline story January 6,2015)

What did the reporter use or do to put this story together?

Opened with emotion video of people crying froma shooting.
Explicit contenent advisory to warn people of the content they are about to watch.
Start with politician Gabrielle Gifford. She got shot within 3ft right in her skull.
Recording of the incident of when Gabrielle was shot.
Show crime scene evidence of the gun that the shooter used.
Interview with a survivor of the shooting to tell the events.
Interview with the Gifford’s husband.
Photos of the bloody incident.
Photos of Gifford in the hospital.
Ed O’Keefe with the Washington Post speaks on what Obama and the white house are going to do after the shooting in Arizona.
Video of Obama speaking of the tragedy. He was compassionate
Paul M Barrett-spoke on how Obama spoke about the incident.
NRA is the best equipped social interest group/lobbying.

In the credits, photos and reocrdings of shootings.

Voice recording/video of shooting at Columbine High School.
Tom Mauser-father of Daniel Mauser, 15 years old, talks about how he and his wife was crying due to not knowing if their son was dead.
FBI map showed Daniel dead in the library. He was shot in the face.
Video of the shooters firing guns they had a friend buy for them in a forrest.
Video of people protesting in Denver demanding that something be done about the NRA, after the Columbine shooting.
Video of Tom Mauser speaking at the protest.

Video of Charlton Heston with the NRA at a NRA conference
John Aquilino–former NRA spokesperson speaks about the NRA using Charlton Heston after Columbine.
Gun sales went up after Columbine shooting.
Matthew Bennett-Pres. Clinton advisor–
Photos of JFK and Robert Kennedy being shot.
Video of LBJ signing a bill (had no heading to tell audience it was LBJ)
Video of Reagan and his press secretary being shot.
Clinton cracked down on guns–the anticrime initiative, Brady Bill requiring background checks on buying guns.
J Warren Cassidy–former chief executive officer of the NRA
Video of Clinton saying something like Columbine will never happen again.
Interview with Bruce Reed-Clinton policy advisor-to push more gun control

One month after Columbine the NRA lost. Bill went to House of Reps.
Sheryl Gay Stolberg–NY Times–speaking on Wayne LaPierre, former NRA lobbyist, exectuive VP, and CEO of NRA.
Interview with former NRA lobbyist speaking about Wayne LaPierre
Tim Dickson-Rolling Stone-speaking on LaPierre
Picture of a letter that LaPierre sent out.
Video of LaPierre speaking on the letter on Meet the Press
Photo of newsppaer article that shows President Reagan resigning from the NRA
Video of LaPierre talking about the letter on Larry King Live
NRA members vote.
Mauser-“I was livid” speaking on the gov. couldnt pass a bill for gun reform.
Charlton Heston video speaking at NRA conference and saying “the NRA is back!”….calls out Al Gore who was the deciding vote “from my cold dead hands” raising a gun at the same time.
NRA posted political video with Heston attacking Al Gore
Paul Bennett interview speaking on the presidential race between Gore and Bush

911 voice recording of Sandy Hook shooting emergency call
Recording of the shoots.
Multiple 911 calls recordings.
Photos of the children and teachers that died.
Mark Barden–his son Daniel was a 1st grader at Sandy Hook who passed away.
Nicole Hockley–her son Dylan 1st grader at Sandy hook who passed away.
Photo of families huggind and crying outside of Sandy Hook.
Photo of Obama looking devasted and full on angst after Sandy hook.
Video of Obama press conference speaking on Sandy Hook….hes crying, completly upset, no composure, he was sickened by the event
Ed O’keefe–obama had to do something and they had to make something happen quickly
VP Joe Biden–enough is enough is enough…obama said “do something for me Joe”
Robert Draper-NY Times
Video of LaPierre speaking saying-“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”
Sheryl Stolberg–“his words are for people of the NRA”
Video of protester yelling at LaPierre at the conference
Photo of newspapers calling LaPierre crazy and a gun nut
LaPierre is telling people that Obama is the enemy and not to back down
Video of Sandy Hook Promise–Hockley spoke–Barden is a member
Matthew Bennet warned Sandy Hook Promise that they are going into deep waters going against a tough opponent.
Photos of parents of Sandy Hook Promise
Video of an NRA endorsement video with Sen. (D) Joe Manchin–he changed and wanted some gun control after Sandy Hook shooting–he though the new bill would be something that the NRA would have embraced.
Interview with Manchin
Larry Pratt–executive director of Gun Owners of America
NRA and LaPierre attacked Manchin for teaming with Biden and looking for reform
NRA letters of threatening lawmakers and sending out letters to NRA memebers opposing bill
Gabby Giffords was brought in as a supporter of gun reform. She had to learn how to speak again after her shooting.
Video of the votes going in for the amendment of gun safety
Video of lady yelling “shame on you” after amendment is denied
Biden–“it felt betrayed…it was disbelief and a sense of betrayal”

story used blakc and white photos as well as colored photos
graphics of the guns that were used for the shootings
journalist have an obligation to find people to speak but the people dont have an obligation to speak to the journalist



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